Spark Arrestor

All the internal-combustion engines produce and emit in the exhaust flow particles of soot. This particles have origin from the depository that have been formed on the cylinders’ walls and the exhaust tubes because of the incomplete combustion of the hydrocarbons.

Once the internal soot deposit reach high temperatures, they can detach and be expelled; if the particles have a mass superior to 500μm and a temperature higher than 650 C° they have the aspect of spark and they also continue the combustion process in the external atmosphere,  able to fire cellulose material to the contact.


Assembly and maintenance instruction










RC Componenti realize a standard typology of dry spark arrestor. They are following the range of the residential silencers start from the least diameter DN50 up to the maximum diameter DN500.

The spark arrestors can be used on diesel engine that are going from 5 to 2000 kW and can be directly joined to the acoustic silencers.

For needs that go over the program of the standard production, our technical office plans and develops according to the specific data of the customer.

For any further information please contact our technical office.