Soundproof Baffles

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Soundproof Baffles are used for acoustic insulation of stonework air duct and canalizations where foreseen by the project the duct can be divided in different sections thanks to the modular structures of the baffles.
RC COMPONENTI INSONORIZZAZIONE S.R.L produce baffles assembled in prefabricate structures or supplied as singular elements. They are used even for the realization of Phonodyad barriers (railway and highway barriers)  mono and bi- absorbent with great results.


Baffles examples:

Da inserire in cavedio esistenteEsempio cassone tipo SP assemblato con struttura autoportante e pannelli tecnosilent







The baffles are realized in a galvanized micro-pierced sheet steel  with aerodynamic outline. In the internal part is hosted mineral wool (in M0 class corresponding to the A1 euro-class) and a thin layer made in fiberglass to contain dusts. Their montage on series, their aerodynamic shape and good aesthetic appearance guarantees great performances compared to the classical baffles on the market.
In case of they are used as barriers and outside screens, can be paint with RAL polyester.
(Our Standard color: RAL 7035, different RAL optional).

They have production dimension of 120 mm of thickness and 400 mm of length (in the flow direction); height’s baffles is variable and determined by the amount of treated air and by the residual noise level expected from the project. The singular element has a 400 mm depth till a maximum of 3000 mm. Over that is necessary to put two baffles in series.

The baffle is equipped with terminal guide on his superior and inferior overboard, that can be used for the fastening of the elements in the conduct; in case you desire that the soundproof element is movable, we can supply optional back-guide to fix to the conduit,  to allow the insertion and the removal of the baffles without any tools.
The elements are sold even in a singular way in a DYN kit of montage with great saving on volumes and cost transports.

Example of montage:

Esempi di montaggio








Attenuation (dB) of soundproof baffles for ventilation canals:

The following tables gives average data of baffle’s attenuation in dB for octave band, on the base of the depth of the conduit and the width  of the air passage canal. For halfway canals, the linear interpolation offer enough approximation. 
















Barriers Diagram:








Example of modules of a barrier:








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