General Features

The present specification concern containers with ISO standard dimension realized to welcome electric machine with power till 2000 KVA.

Different fittings are proposed according to power and requested acoustic attenuation:

  • Soundproof containers, in two standard types of attenuation: 70±3 dB(A) and 65±3 dB(A) at 7 m, according to ISO3744 and equipped with suitable silencers for air ventilation (SP Baffles).

In case the engine is diesel-powered the containers will be equipped with exhaust silencers (mufflers TCE20-TCE10).

  • Semi-soundproof containers: they have the goals to give to the machine a protect environment from bad weather and to give a limited soundproof level. They are lacking of ventilation’s silencers but are equipped with mufflers for industrial type of gas exhaust (TCE40).

For dimensional and different needs about containers and reductions, our technical office is available for yours requests.

Shown below the common features of containers:

The external perimeter consists of UNP beams and in the internal part consists of stiffening  crossbeams made by square section tube with suitable dimension.

The load range from 400 kg/m2 to 1200 kg/m2; the loading bed is made with embossed metal sheets with the thickness of 3+2 mm and is rigid welded to the external perimeter and to the four corner casting ISO approved.

Are realized with a bent steel sheet (160 x 175) and welded to the roof and the base corner castings. The particular geometry of the columns gives to the entire structure a high rigid level.

Are composed by soundproof panels TECHNOSILENT that can be disassembled. On panel system is expected the predisposition of piping and cables holes with closing plate. The kind of panels is choosen on the base of the noise of the engine and on the level of the attenuation requested (See panels description: TECNOSILENT-DES-02).

The roof’s perimeter is realized with square section tube and has a carbon-steel slabs coverage, internal covered by soundproof TECHNOSILENT panels. The entire structure is weld to the roof’s corner castings of the column. On the roof are obtain some entrance for the gas piping exhaust passage and for the attach of the fastening (internal and external) of the gas silencers; everything on perfect watertight.

In order to resist to external loads, container’s roof can support, in the standard execution, loads superior of 200 kg/m2 and sustain accidental static loads till 300 kg/m2

Is formed with crossbeam along the minor axis spacing of 50 cm, realized with square section tube UNI  7810 SF 2B, curved in the middle to create the peak, weld to the perimeter tubular, surmount by plain steel sheet with thickness of  3 mm, in turn weld to the crossbeam and to the perimeter tubular; this confer to the structure a suitable resistance modulus.

For every necessity that overcome the indicated limits, the roof can be realized following your needs by applying suitable substrates for much more heavy equipments.

Containers are standard equipped with two doors one for each greater container’s side equipped with an approved emergency handle.

In the soundproof container’s supply are also foreseen:

  • The soundproof baffles for in/out air cooling system
  • The air conveyor connected with the radiator
  • The exhaust gas silencers with a direct output and a junction flange connected with the engine (are excluded the flange or the flap on the output way)
  • External fit with tapping screw for grounding system of the structure (if provided by the project).
  • All the soundproof material used is in a M “0” class, corresponding to the A1 euroclass.

All the entire production cycle of the container is based on internal business documents that concern the dimensional executive project, the supplying of the related materials, the cutting of the carpentry parts, the structural welding, the packaging of the panels, the superficial treatments and the finishing of the appendages and of the final product. 

The RC Componenti containers are properly realized, taking into consideration their final purpose and use, conform to the CEI 70-1 and classified with IP 23 protection level.

  • Additional doors
  • Inspection windows with transparent and unbreakable methalycrylic Lexan st-3000.
  • Slot for pressure safety valve
  • Slot for emergency stop button
  • Lighting system
  • Approved fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguisher system (normal or argon)
  • Fans for forced ventilation
  • Walls and ceilings are realized with a TECNOSILENT panels and can answer to the REI classification through the application of certificate silicate sheets with a high density (asbestos free).



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