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In January 2012 R.C COMPONENTI INSONORIZZAZIONE SRL take on the position of a group leader of two companies  working on industrial  soundproof sector from decades:

TECNOSON Insonorizzazioni SRL  born in 1981 on the purpose to use all the acquired experience in gas exhaust silencers building,  to answer to the market needs about electricity production with generators.

- R.C. COMPONENTI SRL   founded in 1998 and equips  itself with special machines with numerical control for the mass-produced of panels and extruded acoustic components.




Very soon its elastic and really dynamic structure permit to examine in depth all the problems linked with acoustic emission  and to develop other specific products for industrial soundproof and environment remediation.

Avail oneself of, at the beginning, the collaboration of specific studies, start the research and the develop of phono insulating and soundproof system.

Our technical office leans on modern planning software able to offer complete solutions to reduce acoustic emissions according to current regulations, for multiple structures that works on  electricity sector production, co-generation  and  heating plant, ventilation and air- conditioning system, pumping and fluids treatment, operant machines a/o operant boxes encapsulation, remediation and purification structures.






Solving  the different problems linked with noise pollution is our first aim. After 30 years of  activity, the company has collect an extended experience from works already realized, developing a company structure with technical and technologic knowledges at the highest professionalism levels; this experience is available to customers, offering studied solutions custom-made. The company offer itself as a point of reference for more qualified customers. The company produce, project and sold personal product directly and the same are tested and certified according to regulations.

The company has two establishment, in DESIO and in CARATE, with a total surface of 4500 square metres. 

Below  are listed several of the principal applications:

Energy sector

  • Generators from 20 KVA till 3000 KVA
  • Pumps and fire extinguisher groups
  • Exchangers / heaters
  • Air-refrigerants
  • Co-generation and tri- generation structures


Air- fluid treatments  

  • Forced ventilation
  • Air –conditioning structure
  • Air-conditioning
  • Electric engines
  • Extraction pumps
  • Water pump
  • Compressors
  • Blowers
  • Mills
  • Process machines